Genealogy Roadshow, Season 2, Episode 3

This episode of the Genealogy Roadshow was filmed in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Topics include:

  1. Does he have viking blood in his ancestry?
  2. A brutal crime against his family forces a major change in the south.
  3. Russian / Jewish Heritage
  4. Loyalists of the American Revolution
  5. A quick tour of the Library at Salt Lake City
  6. Related to a snaky stowaway from Portugal?
  7. A connection to George Washington?
  8. Related to the famous Quaker, William Penn?
  9. Related to President Eisenhower.
  10. A possible inheritance of 96 million dollars
Diverse participants embark on emotional journeys that uncover family and community secrets across the U.S. The second season features three American cities — St. Louis, New Orleans and Philadelphia. Participants explore unverified genealogical claims that may in fact connect them to an event or historical figure. Researchers use family heirlooms, letters, pictures and historical documents that may help connect the past to the present.


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