Genealogy Roadshow, Season 2, Episode 2

This episode of the Genealogy Roadshow was filmed in the City of Saint Louis.  Topics include:

  1.  The truth behind an Italian romantic journey to America.
  2. A woman who believes she is related to Blackbeard, the pirate.
  3. An ancestor with a A Free Black License.
  4. A woman believes she may be related to Princess Diana.
  5. A connection to the world famous author / pioneer Laura Ingles Wilder?
  6. Could Father Mike Related to Ivan the Terrible?
  7. Could she be related to the earliest days of the City of Saint Louis?
  8. James’ entire family tree.
  9. Could grandpa be a “lover”?
  10. The origins of a german name.
  11. A real life mystery for a mystery writer… A Mom who hid her “colored” history.

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